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Lene Tangen: Arctic Explorations
Pearla Pigao: Sinus / Sigve Knutson: Drawing Objects
Lene Tangen
Lene Tangen
Lene Tangen
Lene Tangen
Pearla Pigao
Pearla Pigao
Pearla Pigao
Sigve Knutson
Sigve Knutson
Sigve Knutson
Sigve Knutson
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Lene Tangen: Arctic Explorations.


The glass artists Lene Tangen has long had an interest for the Arctic and the ecological effects of global warming. The exhibition is the outcome of a residency on Spitzbergen, where Tangen investigated ice melting and performed a series of performative experiments with ice blocks.


Lene Charlotte Tangen (b. 1971) studied at KADK, Bornholm, and has exhibited widely in Norway and abroad.

Pearla Pigao: Sinus

Pearla Pigao explores ways of materialising music through digital hand-woven textiles. By weaving metal threads into the fabric she creates an instrument inspired by a Theremin, one of the few intruments that can be played without being touched. In stead it reacts to electromagnetic disturbances from moving hands and bodies. The installation Sinus (2017) is Pigao’s graduation piece and was awarded with several prizes earlier this spring.


Pearla Pigao (b. 1981) graduated MFA from the Oslo Academy of the Arts (KhiO) in 2017.


PROJECT SPACE: Sigve Knutson – Drawing Objects


Sigve Knutson (b. 1991) is an experimental designer based in Oslo. He grafduated (MA) from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2016 and has recently had exhibitions in Milan and Beirut. This is his first solo-exhibition in Norway.


The exhibition is a collaboration with Carwan Gallery, Beirut.


Exhibition program fall 2018
16.August–22.December 2018

16.August–7.October 2018

Vidar Koksvik
Another Place
4.May–12.August 2018
Collect 2018
22.February–25.February 2018