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Collect London 2017
Nina Malterud, John Skognes, Millie Behrens, Heidi Bjørgan, Kristin Sæterdal, Benjamin Slotterøy, Gunilla Maria Åkesson, Aron Li, Kari Mølstad
Gunilla Maria Åkesson
Heidi Bjørgan
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Galleri Format Oslo is participating at the fair COLLECT in London for the tenth time. The fair takes place at The Saatchi Gallery between February 2th - 6th 2017.


List of participating artists:


Millie Behrens

Nina Malterud

John Skognes

Heidi Bjørgan

Kristin Sæterdal

Gunilla Maria Åkesson

Benjamin Slotterøy

Aron Li

Kari Mølstad


COLLECT was launched by The Crafts Council in London in 2004 and has since established itself as the leading international art fair for museum-quality contemporary craft, attracting both private and institutional collectors – the V&A, The British Museum, The National Museum of Scotland, The Mint Museum, USA, and The National Museum of Decorative Arts, Norway, to name a few.


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